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The secret behind family photos..

When you think about hiring a family photographer, there is something you might not realise. Often it’s just another thing to tick off on our (nevvver ending) to-do list. Perhaps you have empty spaces on your walls and you think it might be important to put a family photo up, that’s what we do right?

Sydney family portrait photography

We love to look at that polished family portrait with outfits that have been carefully selected (by you of course). One thing you might not know is that the family photos you take might not just be for you. It’s for them too. They will have these photos long after you’re gone. They will love seeing photos where you are interacting and playing around with them. One day, these photos will mean so much to them.

When they walk around the house and see photos of you together, connecting and playing out in a field at sunset, these are core memories for them!! They will remember being out and away from devices and distractions, playing with you! Often parents worry that the kids won’t behave in a session. I can tell you, when they are out with you and they have your undivided attention – they’ll love it!

Lifestyle photograpy is sooooo good for kids as they can just run and play and be themselves. They might get messy or a bit wet if they are at the beach. Who cares? As long as you are there playing with them, you’re creating the moment and I’m just there to capture it all.

Every age and stage is important to capture on camera. It can be as simple as an afternoon playing in the park or at the beach. Find out about affordable family sessions in Sydney here. 📷✨

I currently run family sessions in Sydney, Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains and the Central Coast.

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