How should I prepare for my session at home? 

For an in home session, don't go overboard with cleaning. If it's a family shoot and you have kids, kids are messy (mine definitely are). However, if you do want to tidy up just focus on the lounge room and the master bedroom. If I notice any interesting lighting throughout the rest of the house I'll let you know and we can move things out of the way if needed.

What should I know about outdoor sessions? 

Come ready to play. We will move around a bit and try to make it fun for the kids. Often I will try to get a more traditional photo at the start and then I'll encourage the kids to play. If you're nervous, I will guide you for sure! 

What if the weather isn't great?

A few days before your session I will reach out and chat about the weather. I watch the weather like a hawk! If it looks like it could rain, I will keep in touch with you right up until the shoot. In regards to weather, I will reschedule if it's extreme weather (rain included). 

What time are your sessions?

Newborn sessions are usually in the morning (9:30 / 10am start). 

Outdoor sessions run in the hour before sunset. Obviously this varies throughout the year so I will always chat to you about this when you book your session. 

What should we wear? 

Once you book your session I will chat to you about outfits. Love this bit! We will go through everything in as much detail as you'd like. I do have some beautiful pieces in a client wardrobe and I also have a discount code for Mama Rentals if you'd like more variety. I will say, comfort is key. 

We'll be in touch soon!

Thank you!

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